Aqua Therapy Circuit

An Immersive Spa Experience

Water plays an essential role in healing the body and calming the mind.
As part of every experience at the Spa, we encourage all guests to begin their journey with the benefits of hydro-therapy that utilizes alternating hot and cold elements. This pre-treatment ritual aids in grounding and preparing your body by boosting circulation and soothing the soul.

Unique Components

Sanarium | Unlike a traditional sauna, a Sanarium incorporates moisture and contains five levels of steam. The humidity is typically at 45% with a temperature ranging from 140 to 145 degrees. CIVANA is the first spa in the U.S. to feature this unique, German-made healing modality that uses radiant heat to warm you from the inside out. Please rest on a towel while in the Sanarium.

Kneipp Walks | Includes a cold pool that ranges from 50 to 55 degrees and a hot pool ranging 102 to 104 degrees. These are shallow pools designed for walking.

Tepidarium Pool | This large, warm pool circulates oxygenated water around 100-102 degrees. Within the pool you’ll find a relaxation bench, built-in wave loungers, and a powerful volcano pad to relax and elevate the core body temperature.

Cold Deluge Shower | Icy 59 degree water fills an overhead container that is pulled to saturate the body from head-to-toe.

Self-Guided Journey

Before or after any spa treatment, allow time to fully embrace the benefits of the Aqua Therapy Circuit and allow your body to completely rest. Please shower before and after you use the circuit.

Step 1 | Start with your choice of one warm element till your body feels as if it has reached its limit. Please make sure you do not overextend yourself.

Step 2 | Immediately following, immerse yourself in a cold element by walking or completely submerging yourself, again until your body has reached its limit.

Step 3 | At this point, your heart rate will be elevated. This is part of the immune boosting benefits. Rest and rehydrate with water to allow your heart rate to return to a resting state.

Step 4 | A full circuit would include three rounds of warm, cold, and rest in the modalities of your choice. It is recommended to shower and allow yourself 30 minutes of rest before you begin any spa service.

Therapeutic Benefits

Aids circulation and vascular elasticity
Promotes focus and feelings of wellbeing
Boosts immune system
Increases metabolism
Promotes healthy, restful sleep