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Join us as we host acclaimed wellness experts, authors, thought leaders, artists, and more for one-of-a-kind experiences geared toward exploring and optimizing your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational well-being. Together we're creating a community of seekers who want to connect more deeply with themselves, others, and the world around them.

Upcoming: Samantha Snowden

August 2 - 5, 2024

Samantha is a leading meditation teacher for the mindfulness app, Headspace, and has dedicated over 15 years to helping teens, families, and adults embrace mindfulness. Her journey began with coaching teens at UCLA and has taken her around the world, offering her expertise in countries like Guatemala and Sweden. With advanced degrees in psychology and extensive training in mindfulness and wellness, Samantha warmly supports her clients both in-person and online.

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Available Offerings

  • Celebrating our Strengths: Fun, dynamic, and interactive session designed to help you uncover your unique strengths and leverage them to thrive in all aspects of your life.
  • Creating an Upward Spiral—Practices that Enhance Positivity and Optimism: Because of our brain’s negativity bias, we tend to fixate on worries about the future, what we’re lacking, and what imagined and potential threats may exist in our lives. This can lead to a downward spiral, negatively affecting both our mental and physical health. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the health benefits of three practices that lead to an upward spiral, shifting our attention toward the positive aspects of life.
  • Establishing a Daily Meditation Practice: In this workshop, we’ll explore different types of meditation and unique anchors to attend to in meditation. We’ll discuss ways of developing a morning and evening meditation practice and techniques such as standing, walking, and eating meditations. The scientific foundations of meditation will be explored and participants will learn four core meditations which include the body scan, loving-kindness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and meditations for focus and attention training.
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