Experience. Learn. Grow.

Choose from our curated wellness events to support you in experiencing a deeper connection with self. From guided workshops, transformative yoga classes, and mindful hikes, to science-backed talks with wellness experts, elevated fitness classes, and Summer Camp for adults, there is something for every part of your journey.

Live with an Open Heart

Specializing in intuitive movement, Eleonora Zampatti’s heart-opening yoga flows will support you in creating emotional and physical space, empowering yourself, and gaining clarity around your soul’s desires.

May 13-27
September 30-October 6

Soul Sessions

Onyay Pheori will guide you to an open heart and deeper connection with yourself and others through breathwork, energy clearing, and live celestial vocals and music.

May 23-28details

Practice with a Grateful Heart

Return to your center with gentle yoga flows and balancing mindfulness practices with Deb Wineman.

June 10-13
October 23-27

Heart Lead Living

Phyllicia Bonanno's heart lead sound healing uses crystal alchemy singling bowls to guide you into a deep state of inner calm. Open your heart, clear your mind, and come fully into the present moment.

June 13-18details

Summer Camp for the Soul

Join us for the adult summer camp of your dreams, everything you’ve ever wanted in a wellness retreat (including the treats). Explore positive connections to your body, mind, and soul through a customized 3-night retreat itinerary.

June 20-23
July 18-21
August 15-18

Rewrite Your Narrative

Manifest with the power of your words. Explore how your subconscious beliefs shape your reality, unblock limiting patterns, and rewire your thoughts through Karin Hadadan's introspective journaling workshops.

August 29-September 3details