Earth Day Gratitude

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day takes place April 22, 2020. Earth Day was originally created in 1970 to unify the response to environmental climate change as a result of growing pollution. The beauty of what Mother Nature provides is all around us. Here are a few ways we show our gratitude from the beauty and bounty our landscape provides us.

Explore the Sonoran Desert Garden & Wildlife at CIVANA Virtually

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Sustainable Juicing & Cooking Techniques

Honor the Earth with recipes utilizing local ingredients like the Arizona Mesquite Tree and reduce food waste by utilizing the fiber from freshly pressed juice, whip up delicious baked goods, dips and tapenades.

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The Edible Fruit - CIVANA’s Prickly Pear Harvest

The prickly pear is the most commonly observed cactus on the Sonoran Desert scene. At the close of Summer, the CIVANA Culinary team harvests the bounty of the luscious prickly pear fruit that is abundant throughout the property’s Sonoran Desert Garden. Hundreds of pounds of fruit processed in-house, makes delicious marinades, juices, barbeque sauces and dressings. Step into one of CIVANA’s culinary classes during this special time to learn hands-on techniques and taste the delicious gift from this special plant.

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