Wellness Guides


Fueled by curiosity, fortified by intuition, and guided by science, our team is driven to help you transform. Every CIVANA trainer, teacher, therapist, or healer you meet has one thing in common: all our lives have been our curriculum. We guide from a space of embodied experience and believe deeply in authentic connections. Enjoy getting to know some of our wellness guides below.

Angie Cox

Yoga & Mindfulness

“I came to yoga as a way to calm myself during the years I worked a high stress job as a social worker. My first yoga nidra guided meditation experience changed my life and began a reversal of many years of struggling with insomnia. I then completed my iRest Yoga Nidra certification and have loved sharing this modality ever since.”

Anngee Marlar

Personal Growth & Discovery

“Every time I teach, I learn something new or learn to look at something from a new perspective. I love seeing the light go on for someone else, especially when they realize their home is a vision board for their life! CIVANA is magic! The energy of the resort, the space, and the people are so beautiful and healing. I love teaching in a space that makes me feel alive and supported always and in all ways.”

Aubrey Gibson

Yoga, Personal Growth, & Discovery

“CIVANA is a magical place where people arrive after trusting soul-pulls. It’s a gift being able to witness people step into the unknown parts of their healing journeys. Every moment teaching is a special one. People come and go every day in some of the most pivotal moments in their lives and to be a part of that experience is the honor of my lifetime thus far.”

Brittany Sothan

Fitness & Movement

“I’m motivated by the desire to live a healthy and happy life. The desire to feel GOOD in my body for as long as possible. And the desire to try and be the best version of myself to the people around me! There are a lot of special teaching moments at CIVANA. The feeling when there's a slight breeze and birds are chirping during an outdoor breathwork class. The true "thank you" from guests who needed to "let go" and just be. The amazing people you meet from all over the world.”

Chelsea Soto

Outdoor Adventure

“I connect to my happy state of mind by going outside, finding a quiet place, and breathing the same air as the nature that’s surrounding me. My favorite part about leading CIVANA outdoor excursions is not only making connections with human beings from all over the world but having the chance to really immerse guests into the unknown beauty of the Sonoran Desert.”

Cortney Halstead

Yoga & Mindfulness

“I stumbled in to a yoga class at the student center of my university, and although it was extremely challenging, I left feeling lighter and more at peace than I had felt in years. I soon discovered it was my destiny to share this transformative practice called yoga.”

Dubraskha Arrivillaga

Yoga, Mindfulness, Personal Growth & Discovery

“I found yoga nidra during my yoga teacher training. I experienced a profound life changing dream, it opened my consciousness to the realization that I belong and brought with it so much healing. I wanted to share this form of meditation with everyone. Knowing that I can impact someone’s life one breath at the time is one of my favorite things about teaching.”

Jane Herges

Fitness & Movement

"CIVANA is a beautiful location, filled with beautiful people from different walks of life. It offers true health and wellness. I love having the opportunity to inspire people to LOVE movement and really find joy in the gift of health."

John Burton

Fitness & Movement

“I love the feeling of comradery with others while doing something challenging, the feeling of improvement and togetherness while doing something difficult. I believe fitness and focusing on wellness is the greatest form of preventative medicine. And CIVANA embraces all aspects of wellness and gives guests an amazing opportunity to experience all those aspects.”

Patty Tapia

Yoga, Fitness, & Movement

“I’m motivated by the dream or guiding movement on a larger scale, to be able to inspire thousands of people to live authentically and to have fun on their unique journeys. Healing is heavy, but it doesn’t always have to be. I love the authentic conversations held after class with guests. The “aha” moments they experienced in class, listening to the ways they now feel more connected or curious about their bodies.”

Shanee Wolff


“I was a guest at CIVANA and always enjoyed my staycations here to rest and rejuvenate. It was truly a wellness retreat for me. I’m happy to now be teaching at CIVANA and see guests enjoy their experience as much as I did. My favorite thing about teaching is helping students access inner peace and wellbeing in their body and mind. I love seeing people look and feel better than when they started class.”

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