Renew Your Skin this Spring

Spring is a time for renewal – a time to prep your face for sunnier days ahead with a shift in our daily skincare routine.

Warmer temperatures increase our oil production, which naturally increases our moisture levels in our skin. This is a great time to look at our skincare routine and possibly switch from layering rich creams to serums, facial oils, and water creams. Spring also means more time outside enjoying the elements, which means paying extra attention to any resurfacing or sun-sensitizing products you may be using. It also continues to be equally important to ensure you’re applying a daily SPF.

Below are some of our Esthetician’s favorite products and tips for brightening the complexion and getting healthy, gorgeous skin just in time for the season. From vitamin c and daily SPF to a powerful anti-aging serum, these exquisite essentials will leave your skin renewed and replenished.


Brightening & Resurfacing

  • Sweet Cherry Enzyme Peel by Naturopathica – A blend of AHA’s, enzymes, and sweet cherry which is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C and Resveratrol. It provides an amazing glow, helps resurface dead skin build-up, brighten the complexion, and improves appearance of sun damage and pigmentation. Recommended use: 1-2x’s per week; great to apply in the shower for 3-5 min.
  • Glyco Pads by Spa Technologies – A peel pad for weekly home use that consists of glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids, plus mineral rich water and seaweed extracts to minimize dryness and help balance the skin. This product is great for smoothing the texture, deep cleansing, pore minimizing, exfoliating, and clarifying. Recommended use: 1-2x’s per week in the evening after cleansing. Follow with nightly routine.


Antioxidant Protection, Hydration, & Glow Factor

  • Vitamin C Advanced Wrinkle Repair Remedy Serum by Naturopathica – This serum has a powerful blend of 15% L-ascorbic acid, Vitamin E, and Oat beta-gluten. Great for brightening the skin’s complexion and evening out skin tone and pigmentation. Hyaluronic acid helps increase hydration and calm the skin. Pro tip: For sensitive skin, try mixing with your facial oil to minimize sensitivity or limit use to every other day.
  • Oxygenated Renewal Complex By Spa Technologies – 100% active ingredients! This anti-aging serum provides a powerful punch with the use of pharmaceutical liquid oxygen, hyaluronic acid, mineral rich seaweeds, Vitamin C esters, and Astaxanthin. Clinical studies show that with a continued 90-day use, you could see a 33% increase in collagen & elastin, as well as an immediate 15% increase in volume upon application. Pro tip: Shake before each use and can be used all over the eyes and lips as well.
  • Plant Stem Cell Serum by Naturopathica – This powerful treatment serum helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines and rejuvenates the skin. It’s recommended to use every evening for 30 days and repeat every 90 days. Echinacea, butterfly bush, and helichrysum help to fortify the skin, provide soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, increase hydration, and protect skin from photo-aging. Clinical studies show an 88% increase in hydration in just four weeks.


Moisturizing, Nourishing, & Protection

  • Argan & Peptide Advanced Wrinkle Remedy Water Cream – This anti-aging product has a nice lightweight feel, rich in repairing peptides, bioflavonoids, and argan to help smooth appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Oxygenated Marine Peptide Cream – This nourishing anti-aging cream helps repair and strengthen the skin. It’s light and fluffy, yet full of antioxidant rich seaweeds, liquid oxygen, repairing enzymes, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid. This cream also helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, while calming, protecting, rejuvenating, brightening, and softening the skin texture and tone.
  • Sensitive Oil with CBD and Vitamin C&E by Spa Technologies – This is a great daily facial oil for balancing the skin and it’s beneficial for most skin types, especially sensitive, combination or for those that are prone to occasional breakouts. It’s also wonderful for regeneration, brightening, and collagen synthesis, while providing a great option for lightweight moisturizing. This oil is abundant in vitamins and mineral-rich plant oils. The essential oils of orange blossom, clary sage, lavender, and geranium along with 200 mgs of CBD oil, and Vitamin C & E provide a brilliant anti-inflammatory benefit. Pro tip: Facial oils are best applied to damp skin after facial mists and serums. This can also be used in place of a moisturizer or applied just before.
  • Eco Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 25 by Spa Technologies – This every day, lightweight moisturizer with a physical block SPF will be your new favorite! It absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave you looking opaque, and it smells great too! Rich in antioxidants, cooling, and soothing; it protects and nourishes the skin with ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, seaweed, comfrey, hyaluronic acid, and beta glucan.
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