Bodyweight Workout

10-30 Minutes

Whether the streets are icy or you’re just too short on time to hit the gym, try a more realistic approach to your fitness resolutions with this no-equipment workout—borrowed from our collection of workout routines designed by our in-house Wellness Guides!



Hands behind head, wide leg stance, side tilt, to each side

Shoulder rolls (forward and backward) (5 each)

Single arm circles (forward and backward) (5 each)

Hip circles with hands on hips (both directions)(5 each)

Wide leg stance, feet turned out. Hands and knees, shift side to side (5 each side)


Side arm rotations (small circles, shoulder level)

Alternating front raise

Alternating side raise

Squats, hands on hips or in front of chest (side step progression / optional)

Crescent lunge (arms up), hinge forward with airplane arms, hinge back up, repeat

Opposite arm / leg (with crunch progression / optional)

Pushups, wide and narrow (4-5 each)

Forearm plank, on knees or tows (dolphin plank progression / optional – walk hips up)

Left side forearm plank with bent knees

Bridge (lift and lower)

Reclined bent-knee heel taps

Right side forearm plank with bent knees


Repeat circuit 3-5 times

This workout was designed by the CIVANA Wellness Guides.

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