10 Minute Yoga Flow Practice

Contributing Wellness Guide, Sara Quiriconi of LiveFreeWarrior.com shares this virtual, intermediate 10 minute Flow Yoga session. Sara, an author, cancer survivor and longtime yogi, recently stayed at CIVANA and shared her approach to detoxing your life, gain more empowerment and how to welcome in more wellness. Feel the flow and enjoy!

Get To Know Sara Quiriconi

Why Wellness?

At age 14, I knew I didn’t want my life to be normal and my life changed at that moment. I struggled for years with an eating disorder, alcohol and battled cancer so I had to fight to regain my health. Our health is a gift. Each and every day I strive to be healthy no matter where I am at. In college I started in advertising and marketing. I experienced being laid off and I needed an outlet. I started yoga and the old ways of how I thought changed and softened. Yoga was a critical element of change in my life and mindset. Once I started to focus on breathing paying attention to my body, I started to feel good in my own body. After that, I left corporate America and starting teaching yoga. Now I travel and share the message of wellness and health where ever you may go. that you can be healthy and well wherever you are. We have access to so many tools, especially from the destinations we travel.

In times that feel uncertain, what can we do for ourselves?

1. Make a routine. When I was battling cancer I had to pause and create a routine. My morning routine each day is to face the sun and do a 10 minute meditation. The first thing that comes to mind is child’s pose. It’s not only a practice but symbolizes our life. Just hear your breath and listen to what comes up. Become more self-aware and listen to your feelings and thoughts. Allow yourself to release in order to recover.
2. Water. Drink plenty of water and then go for the coffee.
3. Move. Make it a point to always move – and not just a typical gym routine but do something for at least 10 minutes – dance, yoga, walk… just move, it doesn’t matter how.
4. You are in control. Recognize the will power will come from within.
5. Start to journal. write what comes up and just release whatever happens and some day it might make sense and other times it might not.
6. Nourish yourself. Be selective with the foods you eat – nourish your body with the fresh fruits and veggies that make you feel good naturally.

How do you stay positive?

Current times may have many of us putting a lot of pressure on ourselves to be productive and it can be hard to think positively. When we are go go go, remember it’s ok to take a moment to chill and that okay. Notice the small things. I live in Miami and on my walk I noticed the beautiful colors of the lizards. The animals are more intuitive than we are – we should take a lesson from them.

1. We are energy. Although sometimes the world around us feels like it is at a standstill, we are all moving internally. We are energy. Don’t force it. Not every moment will great.
2. Acknowledge your emotions. If you need to cry, give yourself 5 minutes to get it out and then move on. Or journal it, write it out. Like we did at CIVANA, write it down and then let it go.
3. Gratitude. In the morning, think about 3 things you are grateful for – it can be silly (like wifi) to things more serious.
4. Things are temporary. Life will continue, keep it simple.

What inspires you?

I like to be inspired by my surrounding. When I was at CIVANA, the desert surroundings make me think of fluidity which led me to create the 10 minute yoga flow session. The adventure and the journey is what inspires me and my outlet for reflection is through my creative channels (video, photos, etc). Travel inspires me so much – my next destination outside of CIVANA later this Summer is to spend time with family on both coasts and go to Aruba for my birthday. When you can’t travel, watching wonderful documentaries is a great way to search for your next destination.

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