Cardio Circuit Workout

9-27 Minutes

Whether at home or on the road, get your cardio in with this quick no equipment circuit.


Warm Up

1. Hands behind head, wide leg stance, side tilt to each side
2. Shoulder rolls (froward and backward) (6 each)
3. Single arm circles (forward and backward) (6 each)
4. Hip circles with hands on hips (both directions) (6 each)
5. Wide leg stance, feet turned out. Hands and knees, shift side to side (6 each)


(Complete each of the below for 1 min each)
1. Shoulder and hip circles
2. Marches
3. Jogging in place
4. Imaginary jump rope
5. Tap Jacks or Jacks (progression) or Double Jacks (progression/optional)
6. High knees (progression/optional)
7. Squats or Jump squats (progression/optional)
8. Butt kickers (progression/optional)
9. Jab crossover with same side heel lift

Cool Down & Stretch

5 Minutes


This workout was designed by the CIVANA Wellness Guides.

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